Set up a whole-network direct sales system for you

Multi-terminal multi-device compatible, covering every usage scenario of your customers


Customized development services for high-end direct-selling websites, customized PC version websites for customer needs, professional and beautiful, more conducive to improving corporate visibility.


The realization of the mobile Internet, "control" the era, help direct sales companies shine in the mobile search market.

Android APP

It covers a variety of mobile smart terminals, seizes the direct selling mobile market, is independent, convenient to use, smooth experience, and improves user loyalty.


More and more users choose Apple phones, the quality of users more accurate, high-end, bring the fission effect of high-end people.

WeChat public account

1.1 billion WeChat users with huge page views, providing a population base guarantee for direct sales through interactive functions, and creating a direct selling micro brand for you

WeChat Mini Program

Convenient operation, direct click to use, large number of users, high exposure, and great integration, bringing a native direct sales mall experience.

High-end customized direct sales system

Strive to build a professional business model direct sales system

Exclusive source code


Exclusive customization


Rich API

Stable architecture

Updates quickly

After sales

Quality service

We treat every customer with first-class service

Rapid development

Direct software development cycle only takes 5 to 12 working days. Efficient and high quality is the pursuit of technology and a commitment to customers.

Professional advisers

Provide you with a professionally implementable member bonus settlement solution, and create an ultra-high-value boutique direct sales system that meets your needs.

Safe and stable

The direct selling system source code is developed using the international mainstream JAVA framework, with high security coefficient and good stability, free from hacker

Simple operation

The operation interface is simple and easy to understand, and the professional guides the operation. The novice can be familiar with the operation process of the direct selling software within 5 minutes.

Efficient and accurate

Direct sales system built with efficient algorithms and a large database, with fast bonus settlement and accurate delivery every second.

Perfect function

A new generation of new kernel software system, using industry-leading technology to make system function modules more comprehensive and powerful

After sales service

Quick response within 5 minutes, 365 * 24 hours to provide you with technical support, to solve problems for you in a timely manner to eliminate worries

Expand integration

Software design considers the performance growth and system of direct selling companies, has third-party interfaces and management system scalability

Application of Blockchain Technology

Application of blockchain in commercial direct sales system

Blockchain direct marketing system

The blockchain direct marketing system is also essentially a direct marketing system, which is a combination of blockchain technology and enterprise direct marketing product systems. With the diversification and variability of the current sales model, direct sales in the traditional model have taken away many users, because the scarcity of customers will cause product retention. But the decentralization of the blockchain, anyone can be a direct user of the enterprise, and this problem can be solved.

Direct Sales System

Popular commercial direct sales system to make a reference for selection

Dual Track Direct Selling Software

The dual track system (Binary Plan) is commonly known as the two-legged system. Compared with the multi-legged marketing method, the biggest advantage of the dual-track system is "interaction and mutual assistance.

Sunline Direct Software

The Sunline Direct Software is mainly to solve the complex problems of direct sales companies in member management and bonus calculation.

Differential direct sales system

The grade difference system focuses on selling products as the mainstay, selling products as its bestsellers, and examining performances based on selling products. The main source of bonuses is sales products.

Three-level distribution system

According to the three-level distribution model: it can be understood that the distribution that can bring purchase behavior is a first-level distributor, which is a direct distribution of benefits.

Hybrid direct sales system

The hybrid system is a change and innovation in all direct selling software systems, with the step system as the core, which overcomes the three major shortcomings of the traditional step system.

CAS Direct Sales System

Meet the requirements of direct selling companies for the security and confidentiality of business information and key data, realize the transparent management and control of capital flow in the business, and achieve effective management of direct sellers and networks.


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