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Direct Sales System

Provide thousands of SMEs and individuals with a direct sales development model and develop thousands of direct sales software!

Functional requirements of direct marketing system

The basic functions of the direct selling system are: membership management, report management, bonus settlement, statistical analysis and reporting. Due to the large amount of system data, direct marketing companies have high requirements for the accuracy of bonus calculation data, and the system has a strong front-end reporting and querying system, which requires high software security and strong technicality.

System structure

Excellent system architecture can bring efficiency and stability

Software Architecture Selection for Direct Selling System

Direct marketing system software architecture is a B / S architecture-based operating software, one model is a quasi-C / S architecture, and one model is the model used by most direct selling companies today, which is called a hybrid model. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages, and direct selling companies must choose according to their company's business model.

System Features

Taking the operating market as the starting point, many years of experience in software development for member reports and bonus settlement systems, designing and providing professional business models for you.


Flexible bonus settings

The platform can flexibly set multiple parameters in the background to meet the needs of its own business model.


Convenient bonus settlement

Improved bonus system rules and regulations, support for quick settlement of bonuses, regular settlement and issuance, etc.


Comprehensive statistical reports

Support multi-dimensional statistical reports, including user data, capital data, operating data, business data and other statistical reports for data analysis and management.


Bank-level security

Bank-level security architecture, independent research and development, 24/7 abnormal operation detection, data encryption, next-generation firewall, digital signature and other security strategies.

Design and Development

Diverse project overall services, intimate

Settlement system development

According to the specific situation of the client company, develop a targeted development plan, match more suitable human resources, and create more specialized direct sales system products.

Blockchain application development

Use the blockchain technology itself to provide in-depth solutions and landing services with the characteristics of openness, transparency, decentralization, immutability, and anti-counterfeiting tracking.

Mobile application design

Provide customized direct selling app development solutions, expand unlimited business opportunities for direct selling companies, lead the new era of mobile internet, and be a leader in mobile development!

Design of bonus system

Design the most complete bonus system for direct selling companies, plan a practical bonus system, ensure the minimum risk and the largest return, and promote the better and faster development of the company!

High Concurrency Architecture

It adopts the industry-leading development architecture and the three-level cache mechanism to achieve tens of millions of loads. It still runs stably under high concurrent access.

Landing Operation Guidance

After the project is launched, a professional promotion and operation team will provide effective and comprehensive guidance for project implementation and promotion according to customer needs.