Provide a variety of value-added services

Comprehensive meticulous experience to help the project go online

Domain purchase service

A good domain name can become a corporate identity and help marketing.

Domain purchase service

Suppose you are interested in a domain name, but have been registered by someone else, then the domain name purchase service we provide can get you the domain name. In this service, a dedicated domain broker will discuss your inquiry with you over the phone and determine the best way to contact the current owner specifically to discuss the sale of the domain name on your behalf. As a bargaining expert, we will keep your interests confidential and ensure that the domain name is quickly and securely traded and transferred to your name.

Server purchase

Choose the most cost-effective server and configure the relevant environment

Server purchase service

Chucker software provides you with intimate server purchase services, helps you provide the most valuable server configuration, and helps you configure the project's required environment.

Operation and maintenance services

Help the project run steadily and ensure safety and protection

Operation and maintenance services

Provide various customized services to customers in need, including a series of operation and maintenance services such as project post-maintenance services, linux system maintenance services, windows system maintenance services, and special customized services. Chucker Software has many years of experience in professional IT maintenance outsourcing services. IT outsourcing is a form of maintenance service widely used by customers in the industry. Chucker Software has a professional team of experts to provide professional technical support and services. At the same time, we also provide professional suggestions and solutions for your later marketing.