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Direct Sales System

Introducing all types of commercial direct sales systems

Dual Track Direct Selling Software

The dual track system (Binary Plan) is commonly known as the two-legged system. Compared with the multi-legged marketing method, the biggest advantage of the dual-track system is "interaction and mutual assistance.

Sunline Direct Software

The direct sales system of Sunline is mainly to solve the complex problems of direct sales companies in member management and bonus calculation.

Differential direct sales system

The grade difference system focuses on selling products as the mainstay, selling products as its bestsellers, and examining performances based on selling products. The main source of bonuses is sales products.

Three-level distribution system

According to the three-level distribution model: it can be understood that the distribution that can bring purchase behavior is a first-level distributor, which is a direct distribution of benefits.

Hybrid direct sales system

The hybrid system is a change and innovation in all direct selling software systems, with the step system as the core, which overcomes the three major shortcomings of the traditional step system.

CAS Direct Sales System

Meet the requirements of direct selling companies for the security and confidentiality of business information and key data, realize the transparent management and control of capital flow in the business, and achieve effective management of direct sellers and networks.

Standard Edition Direct Selling System

It can be divided into two subsystems, the front-end member system and the back-end administrator system, which are respectively responsible for the functions of different permissions to achieve effective management of direct sellers and the network.

DAS Direct Sales System

It is applicable to less developed countries with relatively low levels of financial, logistics, and informatization construction. Its direct sales and software systems have their own characteristics.

BAS Direct Sales System

It is applicable to small and medium-sized direct selling companies that carry out direct selling business in China, and meets the security and confidentiality requirements of direct selling companies for business information and key data.

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